GLOBALCOM, a family business founded in 1992 dedicated to commercial services, and specialized in the world of wines and spirits since 2008.

Currently the company is run by the Bages Medina sisters; Tània Sommelier and product manager and Ainhoa, specialist in international trade, supported by a great team to carry out the activities of GlobalCom and continue developing new projects.

As a result of this great team, Neu&Ice was born in December 2017.

If we look back, drinking Cava or champagne with ice was unthinkable, but we observed that in the European fashionable terraces and the heat of the Mediterranean sun people added ice in their glasses, like this Neu&Ice was born, a Cava specially designed for Drink with ice without losing the original body.

We want to enhance the Cava in a fun way while maintaining excellent quality. Creating an ideal product for hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, etc. Or have fun making different combinations at home.